Our Farm - Main Street Produce
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Our Farm

We Grow What We Sell

In 1976, Alton Allen began farming in Santa Maria Valley with just 5 acres of strawberries and the help of his three young sons. Alton grew the business by producing a top quality product and establishing a reputation for uncompromising integrity. As the farming operation grew, the need for cooling and shipping arose, providing an opportunity to expand into the operation that Main Street Produce is today.

Main Street Produce Grow
Our Core Three


Successfully farming strawberries and broccoli begins with obtaining the most vigorous, healthy plants available. Whether we are selecting strawberry plants from the country’s top nurseries, or propagating broccoli transplants from seed in our own transplant nursery, our commitment to planting only strong, healthy plants is critical to providing top quality produce year round.

Next, we select the right acreage on which those plants will be grown. Farming on ranches located from the west to the east ends of the Santa Maria Valley, allows us to take advantage of the area’s range of climate conditions and soil and water types.

The third critical step in the farming process is quality control at harvest time. Because we use our own harvesting crews rather than relying on outside contractors, we are able to inspect and monitor what is put in the final pack. Our quality control supervisors understand the unique requirements of each customer, and are there on a daily basis to ensure that only the best leaves our fields.

All of this reflects our belief that when strong plants are nurtured in the optimal growing environment using the latest science available and are harvested under the watchful eye of the grower, the results are consistently beautiful crops headed to your table!

Cooling & Shipping

Our produce is cooled at and shipped from our own facility, to ensure proper handling and freshness upon delivery. Our cooler is located off Highway 166, within minutes of our fields. In 2012, we completed our newly expanded and upgraded 32,000 square foot cooler. This facility provides cooling, shipping and receiving for our own strawberries and broccoli, as well as, cooling services for other growers and shippers in nearby cities.

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