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Main Street Produce Farm Icon

California Grown Since 1976

Main Street Produce, located in the fertile Santa Maria Valley of California, grows, cools and ships strawberries and broccoli. We farm our own product through our sister company, Freshway Farms, and cool it at our own top-of-the-line facility so that we are never dependent upon outside growers or packers.

Time to enjoy fresh, local produce.

Main Street Produce Grow


Our commitment to planting only strong, healthy plants assures top quality produce year round.

Main Street Produce Cooling


Our newly upgraded 32,000-sqft cooler, just minutes from our fields, allows us to guarantee freshness.



We ship from our own facility to ensure proper handling of our produce and other growers nearby.

Our Farm

We Grow What We Sell

Just as it did over 40 years ago, Main Street Produce still operates under the same code of ethics that our founder Alton Allen instilled in his company and his family.

Main Street Produce Nutrition

A Healthy Lifestyle

Strawberries, among the top ten antioxidant fruits, can do more for you then simply spruce up your yogurt. What about broccoli? Studies have shown that eating cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, can lower your risk of cancer. Low in sugar, calories and high in vitamins, our produce is a perfect addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our Produce

Committed to Quality

Successfully farming strawberries and broccoli, at our sister company Freshway Farms, begins with obtaining the most vigorous, healthy plants available.

Food Safety


Berry Care

Giving Back